Travel GearMy followers frequently ask me about what type of travel gear I use. More recently I had someone ask me what type of water pack I use. This is not a paid endorsement. I’d like share with you the equipment that I carry with me when I travel because I think it can be helpful when planning your next trip. I carry a Camelbak Rogue with me everywhere that I go. It is an essential travel accessory for its many uses.

Many backpackers carry a Day Pack or Day Bag for day trips so that they can carry any essential items without having to carry their larger primary bag with them everywhere.

This is the Camelbak that I have. Two of them have zippers and two do not. The two pockets that don’t have zippers secure items well while giving you quicker access to things you use more frequently.

There are a bunch of different Camelbak packs to choose from. The one that I chose was the Rogue which is typically geared for cycling. I liked how minimal this one was. I didn’t really want to carry a huge pack, but still needed the essentials.

When you are looking at getting one of these take a look at the outdoors section in the website. They do have a great selection of packs that are perfect for the adventure traveler. Here’s a link to their website for the outdoor packs. 

In the front pocket, I keep a small first aid kit (in addition to a larger first aid kit that I keep in my primary bag). I also carry sunscreen, my phone charger, a portable battery, and my Samsung Gear 360° in the other pockets. I still easily have room for more and keep two pockets empty so I can put more tools in them as needed (Or souvenirs that I pick up along the way!)

You can create your won first aid kit tailoring it to your needs. I found that REI makes a great Co-op backpacker first aid kit that is ready to go. It would have everything you would need in an emergency. Here’s the link

Travel GearWhat Camelbaks are most known for, however, is their use as a water pack. I cannot stress how important it is to carry your own water supply with you when you travel. When I was doing missionary work in Mali, Africa many years ago, the local missionary that we visited told us that we needed to carry our own water with us because the local people would offer us water as guests. To not accept would be rude, but to drink the untreated water could make us sick or kill us. By carrying our own water we could show them we already had our own. This allowed us to easily turn down their offer without being rude.

It’s also a great tool to stay hydrated while on a motorcycle when one’s hands aren’t free.

Parting Tip: I fill my Camelbak with bottled water, but the bottled water may taste differently and less refreshing than what one is accustomed to from home. Personally, I carry flavored powder (usually Kool-aid) to add to my water to mask any off taste.

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