Hey guys and gals, I am finally here in Hong Kong. I am so excited to start getting around to see so many things here. As you will see in this video, I need to go through immigration and then I am off for many adventures. I am so glad that I stopped at the tourism desk before embarking into the city. I got a lot of great tips and direction on how to get around in the city and sights to see.

I found out that an Octopus card is the way to go! You might be wondering what is the world is an Octopus Card? Well, it really is the most convenient and contactless “smart card” to use on most of the public transportation in Hong Kong. It can be used on these types of transportation (Bus, Minibus, Ferry, Peak Tram and &MTR Trains), as well as being able to use it at all major convenience stores and restaurants. Another fun fact about the Octopus Card is you can get all of these services at a discounted rate, typically around 5% to 10% cheaper than without the card.

I have to say, that Hong Kong is very cool to explore so far! Happy Travels.


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