In December of 2016, I decided to drive my way across the country to see friends and family. While I was traveling around this is one of the stops I made. I just had to drive through a tree. It was one of the many things on my bucket list in life. Now I can check this off my list.

The drive thru tree is located in Leggett, California. It is a privately owned grove that has been operated by the Underwood Family since 1922. It’s not that far from San Fransisco, the Bay Area. Approximately 180 miles north, you can reach it in a day.

I found the park to be simply one of the amazing wonders of our country. These trees have been here for hundreds of years. When standing next to one, you truly have to marvel at the sheer size of the base of the tree and the vast height that seems to reach to the stars.

This is one place that I would go back to and spend more time exploring. If you are interested in visiting this place, check out their website here. 

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