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Getting a taxi can be troublesome when traveling abroad. How does one find a taxi?What is a fair price? Is it safe? Should one use the meter or should one negotiate a price beforehand?

In Vietnam, and much of South East Asia, you don’t have to worry about any of these questions. A company called Grab has developed the perfect app for getting a safe, reliable, and fairly priced taxi in Vietnam.

Simply download the Grab app (available on the Play or Apple stores), sign up, and then type in your pickup and drop-off locations (you can use your phone’s GPS to set your pickup location).

grab taxi in southeast asia

The app will show you numerous vehicle options including motorbikes, taxis, and premium vehicles. It will give you the corresponding price for each. Like Uber, prices may increase with demand. Once you select a vehicle option the app will show you all of the corresponding vehicles that are available in your area. Don’t worry…if you choose a motorbike they’ll provide you with a helmet.

Once you click the “Book” button, the closest available driver will be notified and they’ll come directly to you. You’ll have their info and they’ll have yours so you can spot each other. You’ll be provided with the driver’s name and license plate (excellent for safety reasons!) And the vehicle will be clearly marked. The driver will be wearing Grab apparel.

southeast asia taxi service

The Grab application asked for my credit card information but I didn’t provide it, so I was always able to pay with cash. The price is always shown by the app before you even summon a driver, so one never has to barter for a fair price or worry that the driver will take the long route to run up the price on a meter. They’ll get you there via the fastest route available so they can be available for a new passenger. In my experience, their prices were always far lower than the other taxis in town.

That’s it! It’s simple, efficient, safe, and cost-effective. So don’t be afraid to get a taxi in Vietnam. Download Grab and book one with confidence.

Grab is also available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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