About Me

My name is Chris Burns and I have a passion for two things. Telling stories and travelling to new places. I grew up immersing myself in stories by reading books and watching movies. Anytime I could, I would transcend reality by immersing myself into a new story. Then, at the age of 16, I traveled  to Timbuktu in Mali, Africa. Suddenly, reality didn’t need transcending. I was there. Experiencing a new world in reality…not just my imagination.

Every day since that day I’ve had a thirst for experiencing new cultures and seeing the majestic landmarks that I’d seen in photos or movies. I feel a need to see them for myself, to stand before great monuments like the pyramids and be awestruck before them, to try new foods for the first time, and to connect with people living a life completely different from my own.

And I want to capture these experiences and share them with others by telling stories of my own. Whether it be through YouTube videos, Snapchat stories, photos on Instagram and Facebook…or even taking my followers on trips…I want you to experience this journey with me.

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